Design sizes

  • Small designs normally start at about 12” by 12”.  
  • Medium sized designs are approximately 24” and 24”. 
  • Some designs start at about 4 feet wide by 14 inches stall.
  • Large farm signs are available in any size up to, and including 4 feet x 30 feet. See these designs under the Custom in the Gallery section

It is good to note that some silhouettes with a lot of cutting detail cannot be shrunk down in size from the original (please ask for details), or the item will not be able to carry the level of detail you currently see, or may fall apart or be distorted.


Prices are based on a calculation of per square foot material and steel thickness.  Custom artwork charges may also apply on designs that are created from customer photos / drawings etc.  Please contact us for a free estimate.


Most silhouettes are made from 14 gauge to 10 gauge mild steel.  Thickness can vary on customer needs and consideration for size, purpose and location for the finished product.  Large signs also have a steel square tubing frame construction for increased stability.   Various types of  legs / frames available for any design.  For signs that will be placed near a highway or road – please keep in mind driving speed hinders the ability to read small print, so size needs to be considered.  Keep in mind any wind conditions that may also affect your sign.   We’d be happy to provide you with options that suit your needs.

Finished Art

All silhouettes are ground and polished and given a powder coat finish, several powder coat colors/designs available, please ask for details.  Items can be left unpainted upon request.

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